Are Huaraches Running Shoes? : Ultimate Guide in 2023

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide for Are Huaraches Running Shoes? Huaraches have been making waves in the running community, sparking discussions about rightfully being classified as running shoes. With their ancient origins, these sandals have recently gained popularity among runners seeking a more natural and minimalist approach to their sport.

Are Huaraches Running Shoes?

Are Huaraches Running Shoes

History of Huaraches

Huaraches, which originate from indigenous communities in Mexico, has a rich history. Traditionally, they were handmade sandals crafted from leather or woven materials designed for daily life and long journeys on foot. However, it was only in recent years that they were adapted for running, thanks to their minimalist design and flexible structure.

Characteristics of Running Shoes

To understand whether Huaraches can serve as legitimate running shoes, let’s first define the key characteristics that make a shoe suitable for running. Running shoes typically offer:

Cushioning: To absorb impact and reduce stress on joints.

Support: Especially for the arch and heel.

Stability: Ensuring a steady stride.

Traction: For various terrains and weather conditions.

Features of Huaraches

Huaraches, in contrast, are minimalist and lightweight. They consist of a sole, often made of rubber, and a series of straps that secure the foot. Their simplicity and flexibility make them stand out in running footwear.

Pros of Running in Huaraches

Despite their unconventional design, running in Huaraches comes with several advantages:

Improved Biomechanics: Huaraches promote a more natural gait, potentially reducing the risk of injury.

Foot Strength: Their minimalist design can help strengthen foot muscles.

Connection to Natural Running Form: Many enthusiasts believe Huaraches encourage a more natural running form.

For a more detailed analysis, you can also check out the Yeezy Foam Runner for a similar lightweight and innovative running shoe.

Cons of Running in Huaraches

However, there are potential downsides to consider:

Lack of Cushioning: Huaraches offer minimal cushioning, which may not suit everyone, especially on hard surfaces.

Reduced Protection: They provide limited protection from sharp objects or extreme weather conditions.

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Transitioning to Huaraches

If you’re intrigued by the idea of running in Huaraches, transitioning gradually is crucial. Start with short runs to allow your feet to adapt to the new running style. A sudden switch can lead to discomfort and even injuries.

Real-Life Experiences

To provide a well-rounded perspective, let’s look at some real-life experiences. Runners have reported various outcomes, from praising the comfort and natural feel of Huaraches to experiencing initial discomfort during the transition period.

Expert Opinions

Expert opinions can shed valuable light on this debate. According to Best Adidas Running Shoes, a trusted source for running shoe insights, some experts believe that while Huaraches offer a unique and minimalist running experience, they may not be suitable for long-distance or high-intensity running due to the lack of cushioning.

Frequently Asked Question

What are Huarache Shoes Used For?

Huaraches have a rich history rooted in indigenous Mexican culture. Traditionally, they were designed as sandals with minimalistic features. These sandals were crafted using a sole made of leather, often recycled car tires, and a series of straps that securely wrap around the foot. They were used mainly as everyday footwear, ideal for navigating various terrains and climates.

However, Huaraches have evolved beyond their original purpose. Today, you can find various Huarache-style shoe adaptations catering to different activities. Some Huarache-inspired shoes are designed specifically for running, while others are more suited for casual wear or sports like yoga and weightlifting.

Is it Okay to Run in Huaraches?

The answer to this question largely depends on your specific Huarache shoe type. Traditional Huaraches, with their flat soles and simple strap design, may not provide the cushioning and support needed for high-impact activities like running. However, modern iterations of Huaraches, especially those explicitly marketed as running sandals, often incorporate features such as cushioned soles and improved arch support.

If you’re considering running in Huaraches, choosing a pair designed for this purpose is essential to minimize the risk of injury. Additionally, transitioning to minimalist footwear like Huaraches for running should gradually allow your feet and leg muscles to adapt.

What is the Difference Between Huaraches and Huaraches for Running?

The critical difference between traditional Huaraches and those designed for running lies in their construction. Running-specific Huaraches are typically equipped with features to enhance comfort, performance, and durability. These may include padded footbeds, adjustable straps for a secure fit, and rugged outsoles designed to withstand the demands of running on various surfaces.

Traditional Huaraches, on the other hand, tend to prioritize simplicity and flexibility. They are well-suited for strolls, but their minimalist design may not support intense athletic activities.

Can I work in Huaraches?

Yes, you can exercise while wearing a huarache, although it depends on your exercise and preferences. Huaraches can be a great option in sports like yoga, calisthenics, and weightlifting, where a minimalist shoe may increase ground feel and flexibility. However, it’s advised to use shoes made for such uses while engaging in high-impact sports like running or those that call for specialist footwear (such as basketball or soccer).


Whether Huaraches qualify as running shoes depends on your running goals and preferences. They can be valuable to your footwear collection, offering a distinctive and natural running experience. However, it’s essential to consider your needs and comfort levels before making them your go-to running shoes. As with any footwear choice, expert guidance and a gradual transition are critical to a successful running experience in Huaraches.

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