Do On Cloud Shoes Run Small? : No 1 (Ultimate Guide)

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide for Do On Cloud Shoes Run Small? Cloud shoes have overtaken the athletic footwear market with their distinctive design and innovative technology. Renowned for their CloudTec sole, lightweight build, and Swiss engineering, these shoes have garnered a dedicated following of runners and fitness enthusiasts. In this blog post, we aim to answer a question: Do On Cloud shoes tend to run small?

Understanding Of Cloud Shoes

Before delving into the sizing issue, let’s better understand the On Cloud brand and what sets their shoes apart. On Cloud is a Swiss-based company known for its commitment to creating comfortable and high-performance athletic footwear. Their shoes feature a unique CloudTec sole, which provides cushioning and support while remaining lightweight. Swiss engineering and thoughtful design make On Cloud shoes highly desirable for athletes and casual wearers alike.

Sizing Variations in Footwear

Sizing in athletic footwear is a critical factor that can greatly impact your comfort and performance. It’s essential to recognize that shoe sizing can vary significantly among brands. What fits perfectly in one brand might feel too tight or too loose in another. Moreover, sizing can also vary based on the type of shoe and individual preferences.

On Cloud Sizing Guide

To address whether On Cloud shoes run small, it’s wise to turn to the source itself. On Cloud provides a detailed sizing guide on its official website, which offers valuable insights into choosing the right size. They consider factors like your usual shoe size, foot length in centimetres, and whether you prefer a snug or relaxed fit. This guide can be instrumental in making an informed decision when purchasing On Cloud shoes.

On Cloud shoes (Men’s Size Chart)

USUKEUJPFoot Length (cm)Foot Length (in)
on cloud X

Top 10 On Cloud Shoes

On Cloud X

On Cloudflow

On Cloudswift

On Cloudventure

On Cloudstratus

On Cloud High Top

On Cloud vista

On Cloud Terry

On Cloudnova

On Cloudace

Customer Feedback and Reviews

We’ve scoured customer reviews and feedback on On Cloud shoes to get a comprehensive view of the sizing issue. The feedback is mixed, with both positive and negative comments regarding sizing. Some customers report that On Cloud shoes fit true to size, while others have mentioned sizing discrepancies. It’s important to note that individual foot shapes and preferences play a role in these variations.

Tips for Finding the Right Fit

Finding the right size when buying On Cloud shoes is crucial to ensure comfort and performance. Here are some practical tips to help you determine the perfect fit:

Measure your feet accurately and consult On Cloud’s sizing guide.

If possible, try on the shoes in-store to ensure they feel comfortable.

Utilize On Cloud’s online fit guide for additional guidance.

do on cloud shoes run small

Do On Cloud Shoes Run Small?

So, Do On Cloud shoes run small? The answer is not entirely straightforward. While some customers find that they fit perfectly according to their usual size, others have experienced sizing discrepancies, particularly with specific models. It’s crucial to consider individual factors, including foot shape and preference.


For more information on specific On Cloud shoe models and sizing options, you can explore our articles on Mens On Cloud Shoes and On Cloud Shoes Women.

Frequently Asked Question

Do On Cloud Shoes Run True to Size?

One of the first questions that come to mind when purchasing On Cloud shoes is whether they run true to size. The answer is generally yes. On Cloud shoes tend to run true to size for most people. This means that if you typically wear a size 9 in athletic shoes, you’ll likely find the same size in On Cloud shoes to be a good fit.

Should I Size Down in On Clouds?

While On Cloud shoes often run true to size, some individuals may find that they have a slightly roomier fit. If you prefer a snugger fit or have narrow feet, you might consider sizing down by half a size. However, trying on the shoes and assessing the fit personally is essential, as individual preferences vary.

Do Cloudflow Shoes Run Big or Small?

Cloudflow is one of On’s popular shoe models. They generally follow the same sizing guidelines as other On Cloud shoes, meaning they tend to run true to size. Again, if you have specific sizing concerns, trying them on or consulting customer reviews can be helpful.

Should I Size Up in On Cloud 5?

As with any shoe model updates, like the On Cloud 5, it’s essential to check for any changes to sizing compared to previous versions. In most cases, On Cloud shoe models maintain consistent sizing. However, reading product descriptions and reviews is still good practice to ensure you choose the right size.


The sizing of On Cloud shoes can vary from person to person and model to model. We recommend consulting On Cloud’s official sizing guide, measuring your feet accurately, and reading customer reviews to make an informed decision. Remember that finding the right size is key to enjoying the comfort and performance that On Cloud shoes are known for.

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