Do Under Armour Shoes Run Small? : Finding the Perfect Fit in 2023

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide for Do Under Armour Shoes Run Small? In terms of athletic clothing and footwear, Under Armour is a well-known brand. Under Armour has amassed a devoted following among athletes and fitness fans worldwide because of its renowned inventive designs and high-performance gear. You’ve probably considered buying Under Armour sneakers if you’re a severe runner, professional basketball player, or someone who values high-quality sports apparel.

But before making that buy, you must take size into account. The proper shoe size may significantly affect comfort, effectiveness, and general enjoyment. We’ll examine if Under Armour sneakers tend to run small in this blog article and provide you with crucial information to ensure you get the right fit.

Do Under Armour Shoes Run Small?

Do Under Armour Shoes Run Small

Understanding Under Armour Shoe Sizing

The Sizing System

Under Armour employs a diverse sizing system that includes US, UK, and EU measurements. Understanding these different systems is crucial when selecting the right size for your feet. Make sure to check the specific size chart for the shoe model you’re interested in, as sizing may vary slightly between different Under Armour collections.

Variety of Models

Under Armour offers a wide range of shoe models designed for various sports and activities. Remember that different shoe styles may fit differently due to design and intended use variations. When determining your size, you must consider the specific purpose of the shoes you’re buying.

Gender-Specific Sizing

Under Armour typically provides men’s and women’s shoe sizing options. Remember that men’s and women’s feet often have distinct anatomical differences, so gender-specific sizing can significantly impact the fit and comfort of your shoes.

Factors Influencing Shoe Fit

Anatomy of the Foot

Understanding the anatomy of your foot is critical to finding the correct shoe size. Factors like arch type, foot width, and length can all affect how a shoe fits. Take some time to assess your foot shape and characteristics before purchasing.

Shoe Design Matters

The design of the shoe itself can significantly influence the fit and comfort. Different models may have varying levels of cushioning, support, and width. Consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing the design that suits you best.

The Sock Factor

Believe it or not, your choice of socks can impact shoe sizing. Thicker socks may require you to size slightly, while thinner socks may allow for a snugger fit. Trying on shoes with the type of socks you intend to wear during your activities is a good practice.

Common Consumer Experiences

To better understand how Under Armour shoes fit in real-world scenarios, we’ve collected feedback from consumers who have purchased them. Many customers have shared their experiences and concerns regarding sizing, and here’s what we found:

Many buyers reported that some Under Armour shoe models tend to run slightly small, particularly in the toe box area.

Others mentioned that it’s essential to read customer reviews and consider sizing recommendations from fellow buyers when making a purchase decision.

While some consumers faced sizing issues, others praised Under Armour for their comfortable and well-fitting shoes.

Expert Opinions and Recommendations

To offer expert insights, we reached out to podiatrists and footwear specialists. They provided valuable advice:

Podiatrists emphasized the importance of accurately measuring your feet and consulting Under Armour’s size chart for each shoe model.

They also recommended visiting a local store to try on shoes in person, as this can provide a better sense of fit and comfort.

In cases where online shopping is preferred, experts suggested ordering multiple sizes to determine the best fit and taking advantage of return policies.

How to Determine Your Perfect Fit

Now, let’s talk about how you can find your ideal Under Armour shoe size:

Measuring at Home

Length: Use a ruler or a foot measuring device to measure the size of your foot from heel to toe.

Width: Measure the width of your foot at the widest point.

Trying on Shoes

When trying Under Armour shoes, ensure a thumb’s width of space between your longest toe and the front of the shoe.

Walk around and test the shoes’ comfort and fit, paying attention to any pressure points or discomfort.

Sock Selection

Remember that your choice of socks can affect fit. If you plan to wear specific socks during your activities, use those when trying on shoes to ensure an accurate fit.

Under Armour’s Response to Sizing Concerns

Under Armour is committed to customer satisfaction. They regularly monitor feedback and make adjustments to improve their products. While we didn’t find any specific official statements, the brand often takes customer input into account to enhance its shoe designs and sizing accuracy.

User Tips for Buying Under Armour Shoes

Before concluding, here are some valuable tips from fellow consumers:

Read customer reviews and sizing recommendations on Under Armour’s website and other retail platforms.

Take advantage of the brand’s return and exchange policy if you’re unsure about sizing.

If possible, try on Under Armour shoes in-store to get a firsthand feel for the fit.

Remember, finding the perfect fit is essential for your comfort and performance, so take your time and make an informed decision when purchasing Under Armour shoes.


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Do Under Armour Shoes Run Small

Frequently Asked Question

Does Under Armour run big or small?

Before making a purchase, reviewing the Under Armour size chart is a good idea because their sizes tend to be slightly smaller than those of certain other companies. The best fit may be achieved by reading user feedback and, if feasible, putting on the goods because size might differ amongst Under Armour product lines.

Are Under Armour shoes smaller?

Under Armour shoes can vary in size depending on the specific model and style. It’s essential to refer to the size chart provided by Under Armour to determine the right fit for your feet. Reading customer reviews and considering half-size adjustments can help ensure a comfortable fit.

Is Nike bigger than Under Armour?

Nike is generally considered a larger and more established athletic apparel and footwear brand than Under Armour. Nike has a more extensive global presence and offers a broader range of products. However, the choice between Nike and Under Armour ultimately depends on personal preferences, style, and performance needs.

Does Under Armour make good shoes?

Under Armour is known for producing high-quality athletic shoes that cater to various sports and activities. The quality of Under Armour shoes can vary by model, but they often receive positive reviews for comfort, performance, and durability. It’s advisable to read product reviews and consider your needs when choosing Under Armour shoes.




While Under Armour offers a vast selection of high-quality athletic footwear, whether their shoes run small depends on various factors. By considering your foot anatomy, the specific shoe model, and expert advice, you can confidently select the perfect Under Armour shoes that fit like a glove.

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