What Does PS Mean In Shoes? (Ultimate Guide & Size Chart)

Welcome to the ultimate guide for What Does PS Mean In Shoes? In the ever-evolving world of footwear, understanding the language of shoe sizing is crucial, especially when puzzling acronyms like “PS” come into play. Whether you’re a parent shopping for your little one or a sneaker enthusiast exploring the latest trends, decoding the meaning behind “PS” can make your shoe journey smoother. This article delves into the depths of shoe terminology to demystify the enigma of “PS” and provide you with the knowledge you need to stride confidently in the world of shoes.

What Does PS Mean In Shoes

Size chart for PS shoes

Shoe size Size from heel to toe (inches)
3Y8.5 inches
2.5Y8.3 inches
2Y8.2 inches
1.5Y8 inches
1Y7.9 inches
13.5C7.8 inches
13C7.6 inches
12.5C7.4 inches
12C7.2 inches
11.5C7 inches
11C6.9 inches
10.5C6.5 inches

Nike PS Size Chart

Shoe size Heel-to-toe length (inches)
3Y8 9/16
2.5Y8 7/16
2Y8 4/16
1.5Y8 1/16
1Y7 15/16
13.5C7 12/16
13C7 9/16
12.5C7 7/16
12C7 4/16
11.5C7 1/16
11C6 15/16
10.5C6 12/16


What Does SE Mean in Shoes?

Frequently Asked Question

What is PS and GS in Shoes?

PS: PS stands for “Preschool” in the realm of shoes. It refers to a specific category of children’s shoe sizing. Preschool shoe sizes typically cover children aged roughly between 3 to 6 years old. These sizes bridge the gap between infant/toddler sizes and grade school sizes, accommodating the unique needs of growing feet during the early childhood years.

GS: On the other hand, GS stands for “Grade School.” GS sizes are intended for older children, usually in the range of 6 to 12 years old. These sizes follow the standard sizing scale for youth footwear and are designed to provide a comfortable fit as children continue to grow.

What Does PS Mean on StockX?

StockX, a popular online marketplace for sneakers and streetwear, has its own language when it comes to sizing. On StockX, “PS” doesn’t refer to “Preschool.” Instead, it stands for “Pre-School,” indicating shoes that are designed for younger children. When you see “PS” on StockX listings, it means that the shoes are available in preschool sizes, catering to the youngest sneaker enthusiasts.

What Does SE Stand for in Shoes?

While discussing shoe abbreviations, it’s worth mentioning “SE.” In the context of footwear, “SE” commonly stands for “Special Edition.” Shoes labeled as “SE” are often unique and limited in quantity. They could feature exclusive colorways, collaborations, or design elements that set them apart from regular releases. These special editions are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.


The world of shoes is filled with abbreviations that carry specific meanings related to sizing and characteristics. Now you know that “PS” stands for “Preschool” and “GS” stands for “Grade School” in the realm of children’s footwear sizing. When browsing StockX, “PS” refers to “Pre-School,” indicating shoes designed for younger kids. And when you come across “SE” in shoe descriptions, remember that it signifies “Special Edition,” denoting unique and often limited shoes.

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